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. Writing is an essential skill for everyone, whether you want to excel as a student or a professional, in a career, or if you just want to express your ideas and feelings. Rebuttal - In a rebuttal, you must show how the topic the essay is responding to is. Debate - You will debate the topic of the essay in front of the class. Essays - Personal Narrative. For example, essay mills for sale, you may be writing an essay about you or your family, or about someone you know, or about a topic of current interest to you. Write your topic out in the form of a question, and then expand on that question in a narrative or essay format. Write your answers to the questions on a notecard or index card. The same point may not make sense in every paragraph, so allow yourself room to express the arguments you support without getting too caught up in a word count. Format the space on the card with a title and subtopic. And if you're getting stuck, you can always research for that missing detail. You can also use sticky notes to make a chart. Finally, don't forget to write about your support for your own opinions and ideas. Try to be an active listener in class, so that you can do more than just sit in the back and observe what the class is doing. Also, be sure to be prepared for all the in-class tests. In your notebook or agenda, write out the the following: Student Handouts: This should include the assignment and objectives, a summary of the required material, an outline of the topic, and topic questions, key vocabulary, and any additional resources. Extra Credit: Write out your notes and thoughts from class. Extra Credit: Write out your notes and thoughts from class. But what if you're not a native English speaker? You may want to practice with an English language learner. Write out the topic and prompt on a piece of paper. As you write the paper, you can use the words that you plan to use in the paper to make sure that they fit. Then reread it and take notes. When you go to write your paper, you can use the ideas from your paper to help organize your notes. Don't worry about making your notes look perfect, because you're not really writing an essay. To do that, you might want to make your own chart of the topic, or perhaps make a pyramid, or even make



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